• Make mum smile with a ‘Mother's Day’ massage gift voucher – which includes a free individually chosen aromatherapy blend*

    Treat your Mum - or a favourite aunt, grandma, teacher or other caring person - on this day with a Mother's Day Massage Gift Voucher. Full details of therapies available are detailed on www.mybunnyboo.co.uk

    *Which can be added to a bath or placed in an oil burner



  • Massage is a great colic soother !

    Even though colic affects around 1 in 5 babies in the UK, nobody’s exactly sure what causes it. My son was a colicky baby; he would pull up his knees; clench his fists and scream and scream and scream. I believe that massage helped him through this stage

    As well as helping to sooth colic , massage also aids digestion - as it assists with peristalsis (the process of wavelike muscle contractions of the alimentary tract that moves food). It affects the circulatory system by increasing the blood flow through the body. Due to the increase in blood flow through the digestive tract, the body is able to absorb more nutrition and expel discomforting gasses

    How to

    Ideally after a warm bath and using massage oil that is at body temperature, massage baby’s tummy in a clockwise direction and then bring their legs up to their tummy. There are several techniques that My Bunny Boo can demonstrate but as long as you work in a clockwise direction then you will be working with peristalsis rather than against it. Laying baby on his tummy (across your lap), while massaging his back, can also help to bring up wind

    Try this three or four times a day for two weeks. It may take this long for you to tell whether or not it's working for your baby. Try not to be too disappointed if massage doesn't help. Your baby will grow out of this colicky stage, usually around 3 – 4 months of age

    Contra indications to massage would be reflux and umbilical hernia. Also avoid just after feeding and during a colic bout.

    Also try the 'tiger in the tree' holding position, carrying your baby belly down, rather than belly up, can help ease old trapped-wind situation no end. I am also a big fan of baby slings as this keeps baby upright, and your movement will also help them

    Any questions then please drop me a line or give me call

    Have a lovely weekend - wrap up warm :-)




  • Breastfeeding recognised as a major public health issue?

    Just in case you haven’t seen this article by Unicef


    Anita Tiessen, Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF UK, has quoted "We know that 90 per cent of women who stop breastfeeding in the first six weeks discontinued before they had wanted to.” She also added: "We want to see breastfeeding recognised as a major public health issue from government level through to local children's centres, and appropriate investment and legislation put in place to give mothers a better experience of breastfeeding."

    Personally, I really struggled with breastfeeding. The community midwife told me that my new born son was breastfeeding well but on day 5 we were back in hospital because he had lost too much weight. I remember feeling like I had completely failed him. I have since spoken to many Mums who have either had or known of someone who has had a similar experience; and one of those was a nurse!

    After numerous visits from breast feeding counsellors, eventually one counellor told me that not all babies will want to breastfeed, it’s a two way process after all. So after 3 months of expressing I eventually gave up, I felt guilty for not continuing but also felt a great relief when I did. It’s hard enough being a new mum without the additional pressure of thinking that you failed because you can’t breastfeed.

    Yes we all know breast is best but surely a happy Mum and Baby is much better? Would love to hear your views?

    Love to you all





    Complete this quick on line ‘Mum and Baby Massage Questionnaire’ and your name will automatically be entered into a prize draw for a free one hour massage


    Closing date Monday 12th of November 2012. Julie Bedford from the NCT will draw the name of the winner, who will be notified directly by My Bunny Boo.

    The winner will be entitled to a one hour massage, in the comfort of their own home, please note that anyone living outside of a 10 miles radius of IP4 then a millage surcharge will be incurred.

    Disclaimer - all information collected will be retained by My Bunny Boo and will not be passed on to any third parties. The content of which will not be published (apart from the winners name).



  • Sandalwood essential oil is great for treating sore throats and coughs…

    Botanical name

    Santalum Album (origin India) Santalum Spicatum (origin Australia)

    Blends well with

    Bergamot, Black Pepper, Geranium, Lavender, Myrrh and Rose

    Key properties

    • A soothing and calming oil

    • Sandalwood essential oil is great for this time of year as it can help with sore throats and coughs; it is one of the three essential oils that can be applied directly to the skin

    • Great as a skin tonic, as it moisturises the skin and helps treats acne, its woody exotic aroma also makes this an excellent aftershave

    • It is calming oil and can help with boasting confidence – also used in mediation as it helps you to focus and remain calm

    • Also helps with UTIs

    How to use

    Apply a couple of drops directly on the neck by the throat area to aid the treatment of sore throats and coughs. Also used in massage, a vaporiser, the bath (add a couple of drops to a tablespoon of milk for use in the bath)

    Please note the Indian variety of this oil is rapidly declining

    Generally regarded as a safe essential oil but not to be used in pregnancy or on children under two

    Have a great weekend




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